Optimizing processes as a strategy

Manufacturing companies have the challenge of increasing productivity while producing individualized products with high quality. Therefore, the development of the necessary technology and information is critical, in an environment that is constantly changing and demanding variable, by customers.

Processes are the only way to make a value offer come true, it is not enough to identify an opportunity, it must be realized. In this way, it is critical to have technology and information to have efficient and flexible processes. Thus, how competitive costs are allowed, diversified offers and with agile responses to customer needs.

With Industry 4.0, or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) it’s about industrial transformation using a new digital technology to automate processes. Which can range from automating repetitive and monotonous tasks, to making complex, multivariate optimization or forecasting decisions.

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Integrating IT & OT technologies

Advances in computing, communications and data analysis are laying the groundwork for digitizing industrial operations in a transformative way. However, because most companies going through the digital journey can attest, implementing and managing analysis on distributed assets creates new challenges for technology and information.

Industrial IoTdeployments are complex and involve multiple hardware protocols, software, networking, cloud applications, and vendors that require many touchpoints in an organization. Two key elements: IT and OT (Information Technology and Operations Technology) must align and work together with business units. In addition, more hardware and more analysis packages tend to complicate the equation with closed systems that do not communicate with each other.

In today’s connected world, manufacturers are embracing automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to gain a competitive advantage. The fusion of the cyber and physical worlds means greater efficiency.

The six main benefits of digitization with appropriate technology and information are:
  1. Automates and standardizes processes, products and/or services generated by the company.
  2. It makes work more efficient in a transparent way.
  3. Increases the speed of problem response and solutions and results delivery.
  4. Improves customer integration and increases sales.
  5. Control all processes and information via cloud, mobile and social.
  6. He has the ability to reinvent the business.

Operational Productivity

Contribute to reducing all forms of waste that can be observed in processes by increasing the continuous flow from the time the customer issues the order until the last weight of the last invoice is collected: overproduction, inventories, expect, over-processes, rework, movements, transports, design errors, waste of people’s talent, mainly.


Inadequate production forecasts. or order failures


They don’t generate value, every time you move something, this only generates cost.


It generates misuse of spaces, equipment, facilities, energy, financial resources, IT resources.


Due to production process failures or delays in supplies

Non-quality costs

faults in design, machines or people

Untapped initiative and creativity.

It is unacceptable to lose the ideas of responsible


Key processes of a company with appropriate technology and information

Every company, independent of its activity will always have four (4) groups of key processes, which must be automated to be as efficient and competitive as possible.



From identifying a potential customer, infatuation, closure and maintenance in the service phase.

Administration and finance

It ensures coerce, availability of resources and the achievement of the proposed objectives, in cost, time and quality.


It starts from the ideation and design of products and sercisios, through the logistics chain of supply, through optimization of production, the logistics of dispatch

Human Resourses

Employees are the only ones who make the value proposition a reality.
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