Business Consulting for High Efficiency Companies

More effectiveness and more efficiency

Creating effective solutions for the productivity and sustainability of your business

OBC Partners offers comprehensive consulting services. We focus on the goal of raising the efficiency levels of resource use, employee productivity and operational sustainability. Our reference will be customer expectations and competition.

Strategy and Strengthening

We accompany the process of analyzing and formulating the business growth strategy. To do this, we do: an internal and external diagnosis of the market situation, a definition of the most appropriate business model and formulating a business strategy. This strengthens the strategic planning process and formulates actions that have implications for the corporate governance structure of the company.


Technological Management

Companies are sought to optimize and/or automate their processes by effectively incorporating information technologies. It starts with a diagnosis of the technological management of the company (software, machinery, devices and human talent). This input prepares recommendations for process transformation; And so employee productivity, product cycles, and supply flexibility are optimized. All by incorporating technologies with an action plan and usability testing of products, services and technology. According to the stage and interest of the company, Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities can be developed through tools and new technological developments.

Processes improvement and efficiency

A specialized analysis will be carried out on topics related to productivity, to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement, with the aim of improving:

  1. Time and costs of sourcing, production and delivery.
  2. Work productivity.
  3. Efficiency in the use of machines.
  4. the use of Raw Materials.
  5. Production flexibility

After diagnosis, an action plan will be created with specific objectives and results, in financial terms that respond to the needs and possibilities of companies in the face of improvement in their production processes.


Energy efficiency

Taking into account a specialized analysis, a Good Energy Operational Practices (BPOEs) action plan for the company will be built and implemented. Creating performance indicators (environmental, productive and energy), which improve at the end of attendance, helping the company save on energy consumption (electrical and gas). Among others, it is done:

  • Energy monitoring
  • Diagnosis of energy performance
  • Detect optimization opportunities
  • Advice on negotiation and energy change
  • Viability of new energy systems
  • Feasibility of alternative energy sources
  • Efficient integration between energy uses and sources


Companies are looking to incorporate sustainable practices into their production processes. Initiating with an awareness of sustainability issues and impact on business models. A diagnosis is made based on the sustainability standards of your sector and an accompaniment is made to this implementation. According to the stage and interest of the company, training plans are carried out in environmental sustainability models and circular economy models are designed that could be applied in the company.

Decretos de gobierno

Efficiency indicators

Whatever the process to implement, we always start from a quantitative diagnosis, creating a baseline of efficiency indicators. Which are measured and evolved throughout the process. Sometimes we are committed to obtaining reduction results from 8% for one of the main indicators.

Financial and tax optimization

A company should always think about how to optimize its financial resources. Which is something else to us than:

  1. Reduce expenses (fixed and variable).
  2. Ensuring a proper return on investment
  3. Reducing the tax burden
How to reduce the tax burden?

Industries where we demonstrate our expertise

In the following industries we have demonstrated deep knowledge of business and operation.

Oil & Gas & Public Services

Given the intensive investment in exploration and infrastructure, this industry is ideal for data intelligence modeling.


The automation of quality processes and the integration between ERP, CRM and Logistics Systems produces great benefits in simplify and agility.


Being energy and water intensive, it represents an attractive potential for work.


As one of the most labour-intensive sectors, it has been declared a target sector.


The asset intsity of your business model and the varied use of energy


As the main sector that emits polluting gases to the atmosphere

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