Factability study for decision-making

Feasibility studies, a starting point for success.

Today's business world requires companies to be very dynamic in their investment decision making; for it; Feasibility studies are essential to support your strategic decisions.

It is not easy to travel this path effectively. The necessary, sufficient and timely information must be available. Knowing and properly assessing the benefits and risks is a necessary starting point for any business investment.

In our experience we have seen that it is not easy to make decisions against a new investment. Which are required to develop: a new product, acquire software, acquire machinery or any other investment decision that represents offering a new service or producing a new product. .

Making investment decisions is a long and often painful process.

At OBC Partners, we accompany companies in these types of decisions. In our work we focus on:

- understand and clarify the strategic approach of the company

- identify the opportunity.

- clarify offer of value to the customer.

- value the potential market.

- understand the competition.

- manage the economic aspects.

- process design

Pre-feasibility study and strategic fit

We identify opportunities for business growth and diversification. The first task is to identify emerging trends, new technologies and innovative business models to build a better sustainable future.

The feasibility study is prepared at the early stage of an investment project. Which includes the collection of the best available information; With it you must conclude about the chances of success of the project. At the time, it serves as support to proceed or not.

An investment decision can influence not only its results and immediate performance, but also lead to unprecedented success. Likewise, in a company you have to justify the decisions before the shareholders, bank and nothing better like having this document.

Content of a feasibility study

You can move towards a large customer, acquire a company, buy equipment or optimize your operation.

Generally, the feasibility study includes:

  • Background: the company and the opportunity.
  • Market study.
  • Technical or productive study.
  • Commercial strategy or business model.
  • Administrative aspects or resources.
  • Financial Study
  • Conclusions and recommendations

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