Sustainable Investment Management

Acting as strategic partners of companies and project developer, added value in areas considered key in the development of a business process and development of projects with environmental and social impact.

In this way, we create and develop funds that:


  • Identification and valuation opportunities
  • Structure the most appropriate development mechanisms
  • Supporting consolidation and expansion processes
  • Accompanying strategic and financial decision-making
  • Facilitate networking
  • Generate effective corporate governance and control structures
  • Accompany the formation of boards of directors with qualified and committed members
  • Provide professionalization, training and training to management

Sustainable Investment Portfolio

We manage a wide range of investments in various areas, all in ways to develop sustainable development actions


Companies & Entrepreneurships

OBC Partners seeks investments that demonstrate…

- Committed work teams, with experience in the industry and technology to develop.
- Successful, differentiated, competitive business models with high entry barriers.
- Solutions with high innovation components.
- Technologies that respond to a need for a market with high growth rates.
Interests aligned with the Fund’s investment strategy, and willing to maintain continuity or implementation of an effective corporate governance scheme..