Why promote the development of natural gas?

The development of natural gas has many applications in the home and in industry. This is because it is an efficient, clean, safe and economical fuel. In the industrial field, its uses are as follows: Steam or hot water generation, furnaces or drying, electricity production and kettles, in sterilization conditions.

It is widely used in the following industries It is widely used in the following industries: food, agribusiness, glass, ceramics, cement, bricks, iron and steel, among others. Likewise, it is worth mentioning the importance it may have in the future in the generation of electricity, petrochemicals and transportation,

Benefits of natural gas

. Natural gas presents numerous environmental and economic benefits for sustainability.


. No particulate emissions and lower CO2 emissions
. The development of natural gas presents numerous environmental advantages for the sustainability of the territories. From an environmental point of view, natural gas is the fuel that emits the least CO2 emissions, does not emit particles in its combustion and reduces carbon monoxide emissions by 80%. Its use contributes to reducing the greenhouse effect and improving the quality of the air we breathe in cities.

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vanti natural gas reserves
Clean and economical energy source
natural gas uses
Clean and economical energy source


. It is not the cheapest, but its ease and efficiency make it the most economical

. In addition to the environmental benefits, there are also the economic advantages it brings to key environmental sectors such as transport. Specifically, its savings are 50% compared to gasoline and 30% compared to diesel.

In the industrial sector, it is more economical than other alternatives because: it does not require storage or pre-treatment for its use, it is also more efficient in combustion, facilitates energy efficiency processes, reduces equipment maintenance costs and increases equipment availability.

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Natural gas project development

The challenge of natural gas is to achieve a competitive market that allows the development of new production wells and overcome the threat of depletion, since its reserves do not exceed 10 years.

The opening to international markets would be a good opportunity to bring domestic prices to international prices.

It is possible that potential reserves in Unconventional and Off Shore fields could provide additional reserves, however, it is possible that their prices could be high.