Private Public Partnerships as a mechanism to improve or create public infrastructure


We support companies or public entities in the structuring of Private Public Partnerships. With the aim of offering a better infrastructure for different stakeholders.


What is a Private Public Alliance?

Public-private partnerships (APP) have been a mechanism or tool that seeks to improve infrastructure for existing or new public use with a private. For the same reason, it can be associated with the contracting of a service by a publicentity, using the experience, innovation and financial leverage of private ones.

Where do Private Public Alliances come from?

They may arise from the initiative of a private individual who identifies an opportunity and submits a proposal to the public entity. They also arise from the public entity, which aims to develop a structuring model that operates without the use of public resources.


We support the creation of infrastructure for a robust economy.

Building modern, sustainable and reliable infrastructure is critical to meeting the growing aspirations of billions of people around the world; Private Public Partnerships provide a practical and viable channel to achieve them. Infrastructure investments help increase economic growth rates, offer new economic opportunities, and facilitate investment in human capital.

Private Public Partnerships

THE PPP's support the Sustainable Development Goal 9

Private Public Partnerships PPP

Adjusted General Methodology

An adequate formulation of social projects with the General Adjusted Methodology or MGA of the DNP, facilitates the obtaining of the approval of Private Public Alliances. Accessing resources of:


Nation’s General Budget

Debt issues or bonds on the stock exchange

Private sector

Management and public management for the presentation and approval of PPP projects in the pre-feasibility stage and then in feasibility.

Management and public management for the presentation and approval of PPP projects in the pre-feasibility stage and then in feasibility.
Validation of compliance with minimum technical requirements for projects in pre-feasibility and feasibility phases.
Development and validation of financial and risk assessment models

It is also possible to finance assets for industries of: – pulp and paper – chemicals and pharmaceuticals – utilities – mining. – food – Basic Sanitation – Aqueducts

Public Sector

Advice on the promotion and structuring of Development under PPP’s


Analysis and evaluation of PPP’s proposals


Design and accompaniment of procurement and approval processes with national order entities


Technical, financial and legal evaluation and validation of projects


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