Companies and investors need those who help them optimize their tax burden and reduce risks.


We offer our in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the relevant local rules and regulations. Therefore, it is required to understand very well the economic situation of the company, its business and the ways to create tax relief, complying with the regulations. Finally, we help prepare and file the tax return, without risk and minimizing payment.

Suggested tax return


Our work includes the permanent revision of the functioning of the organization’s processes and validating the transactionality of the information systems. With this data, improvement opportunities are identified and applied, and thus, support the objective of being more effective and efficient, using information technology tools.


We reinforce the service with the development of data analysis audits, consistency, security and the verification and updating of compliance with current regulations.


Accounting process + tax advice

Services offered with tax advice:

  • Tax outsourcing
  • Tax diagnosis
  • Tax planning
  • Preparation of income statement
  • Compensation or return of tax balances
  • Transfer Prices
  • Tax and legal due diligence
  • Legal advice in tax, corporate, commercial, contractual, foreign exchange, international and labor law.
  • Application of Niif Standards.
  • Risk management

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