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Build a more sustainable planet

Energy and sustainability experts

Unlocks opportunities in sustainable energy, infrastructure and community development.

Sustainability and energy are two concepts that are intricately intertwined in the modern world. In this sense, our company stands out as a reference in the development and financing of projects that materialize opportunities in these fields and improve key indicators.

Developing energy and sustainability projects with confidence.

A team with 25 years of continuous success

We are committed to driving positive change in the energy and sustainability landscape. With our experience and dedication, we offer a wide range of services tailored to your specific needs.


Successfully completed projects.


Years of experience with pride


2017 investment income


Colleagues and more every day

Our services

Integral consulting and management of sustainable projects.


Project development

Commercial and stakeholder agreements, project management, permit and license processing, legal and tax advice.


Business Services

Technical, economic, legal and market studies, regulatory changes, personnel recruitment, outsourcing and risk management.


Investment and financing

Search for financial resources, investment opportunities, M&A, grants and subsidies.

Transforming possibilities into realities

Looking for a way to take your ideas to the next level? At OBC Partners, we help you transform your possibilities into realities. Our team of business and technology experts is here to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to get started!


OBC Partners SAS is an innovative company specialized in the identification, development and management of infrastructure, energy and sustainability projects.

Our mission is to create a greener, more equitable future by driving positive change through sustainable energy, environmental improvement and community development.

We follow best practices

True to our mission, we keep up to date with best practices and often create them.

Our Founders

Energy and sustainability experts

Patricia Piqueras


Juan Jair Lizarazo

Finance and Technology

Marino Salazar

Legal and Tax

High Impact Projects

Our projects cover various areas of work


Natural Gas, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Health and wellness

Infrastructure, medical care and entertainment areas

Digital Transformation:

Comprehensive software and hardware solutions that create sustainable entities.

Sustainable Mobility:

Electric vehicle infrastructure and public transportation solutions.

Carbon credits

Emission Reduction Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation:

Economic Development and Startups:

Design of training programs and search for funding resources.

Sustainable Agriculture

Encouraging sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices

Water and Air Recovery and Care:

Aqueducts and wastewater treatment systems


Transforming communities around the world

Our mission to impact communities and businesses is not limited to our offices. A network of partners and collaborators allows us to reach all continents.

What our customers say

Testimonials about sustainability

Sustainable Manager

Alice Howard

Impressed with your knowledge and dedication! OBC Partners SAS truly understands the ins and outs of energy and sustainability.

Project Manager

Ann Smith

Partnering with OBC Partners SAS was a game changer for our energy project. His holistic approach made all the difference.

Join the ranks of satisfied clients and visionary investors who have chosen OBC Partners SAS as a strategic partner in energy and sustainability. Together, we can drive change and create a brighter, greener future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

OBC Partners works in a variety of sectors, including renewable energy, community projects, sustainable mobility, sustainable agriculture and more. We explore opportunities that address environmental and social challenges.

Sustainability is at the core of our approach. We design projects that reduce negative impacts and promote well-being. Our strategy seeks a balance between economic growth and environmental preservation.

No, our approach is inclusive. We work with companies of all sizes, startups, individual investors and communities. We believe that diverse collaboration is essential for meaningful change.

We offer investment options in sustainable and profitable projects. If you are interested in investing in energy and sustainability, contact us to explore opportunities that generate financial return and positive impact.

We start with a detailed analysis of your needs and objectives. We then work as a team to design customized solutions. Our collaborative approach ensures that each project is unique and effective.

Our integrated approach, combined with our passion for sustainable change, sets us apart. We are committed to creating solutions that generate a positive long-term impact.


Transforming communities around the world


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Bogotá, Colombia.

United States

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Madrid, M 28046

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