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Project services

We offer a wide range of consulting services to help make sustainable and socially responsible projects a reality. From project management to legal and tax advice, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Investment development

Project development

From concept to completion, we offer expert advice throughout the project development process.

Our team conducts exhaustive technical, economic, legal and market studies to identify and evaluate sustainable project opportunities. Focused on environmental improvement and community development, we ensure that your projects are aligned with our commitment to driving positive change.

In addition, we assist you with regulatory changes, permitting and licensing procedures, finding financial resources, staffing and risk management to ensure that your project objectives are achieved on time and within budget.

Energy and Sustainability

Services to companies

We offer a range of business services to support the growth and success of your operations.

Our team offers administrative and financial outsourcing, project management, data science and marketing services to streamline your business processes and improve your efficiency. We also offer legal and tax services, and support you in your journey towards digital transformation.

Whether you need help with public affairs or financial services such as debt renegotiation, our experienced professionals are here to guide you towards sustainable and profitable business practices.

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Investment and financing

Unlock new opportunities with the potential of sustainable investments with our carefully selected projects.

We present investment opportunities in a variety of sectors, including energy (natural gas, renewables and energy efficiency), healthcare infrastructure, digital transformation solutions, sustainable mobility, carbon credits, economic development and startups, sustainable agriculture, and water and air recovery and conservation.

Our investment principles ensure a focus on high-potential projects that solve significant problems for a large number of potential customers. We prioritize innovative and disruptive business models with sustainable competitive advantages, and projects that have a clear impact on nature, resource use or the recovery of deforested areas.

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Services of excellence, unlocking sustainable investment success.

Investing in sustainable projects is not just a financial effort; it is a commitment to building a brighter future. At OBC Partners, we appreciate the multifaceted nature of these investments and provide a variety of essential services that ensure your projects not only achieve success, but also align with safeguarding the environment.

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Economic analysis and feasibility assessment

Evaluate economic viability and create financial models for projecting costs and benefits, estimating cash flows, profitability and return on investment. Enables informed decision making.

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Regulatory analysis, legal structure and compliance

Specialists in deciphering regulations, paving the way for seamless development and developing a sound legal, tax and regulatory strategy.

Strategic Public Relations and Business Plan

A comprehensive business planning and effective communications plan is key to project closure.

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Performance Monitoring and Management

Establish monitoring systems to follow up the performance of the projects once in operation, ensuring their efficiency and compliance with the objectives.

Technical expertise and project implementation

Assessing the technical feasibility of projects requires technical skills that consider the necessary infrastructure and technology required in the design, engineering and execution of projects, optimizing efficiency, reliability and scalability.

Project management and financing strategy

Oversee the planning, execution and control of projects from conception to commissioning, ensuring successful and on-time delivery. Identify sources of financing Debt and Equity.

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