Ideation, Prefactibility and strategy

We create opportunities and innovative solutions. We work to identify emerging trends, new technologies and innovative business models to build a better energy future.

Creemos que una mayor comprensión conduce a una mayor transformación. Buscamos identificar el potencial sin explotar, navegar por la complejidad y fomentar relaciones positivas para desbloquear un crecimiento significativo para nuestras compañías e inversores de cartera.

The generation of value is not about valuing companies with their current support, but about finding their true market potential and regulation, focusing efforts on infrastructure innovation under a digital environment.

Venture Capital for Energy ventures or related to the environment.


Creating a business model, establishing agreements with suppliers & customers and complying with legal requirements are necessary activities to make an idea a reality.

We understand that money is not the only requirement to create successful companies. We provide our partners with knowledge and resources such as; Design, manufacture, registration of patents, legal services, marketing services, negotiation of debt and technology resources, the closing of contracts with clients and experience in corporate governance, together with monetary means to boost growth.

* Project Finance.

*Restructuring of Debts.

* Risk management.

* Trapped cash.

* Proyect Management.

* Due Diligence.

* Business Valuation – M&A

Investor Portal

Access to pipeline of opportunities, country reports, sector and market, monitoring of companies and risk management report.

We definitely know that what is not controlled is not improved and opportunities that are not detected in a timely manner will not return.

In particular you will find:

- Access to opportunities pipeline,

- Country, sector and market reports,

- Follow up to companies and

- Risk management report for assets or private companies.

Complementary Services and Asset Management

We are experts in risk management

A risk is not only the bad that can happen to a company, there are also opportunities that can leverage their sales or margins. Therefore, today it is important to have an effective and efficient risk management system.

Expertise or Appraisals

Our experience and methodologies allow us to offer value judgments of assets for accounting purposes and in litigation and arbitration processes.

-Project Management for change management or infrastructure construction

- Tax Advice

-Advisory application in International Accounting Standards - NICs.

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