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We Are Leading International Company In The World

We welcome you to OBC Partners SAS, we are an innovative driving force in the field of sustainable energy, environmental improvement and community development. With an unwavering commitment to driving positive change, we are here to take you on a transformative journey towards a greener, more equitable and sustainable future.

Sustainability at the Center

Our approach is based on generating a positive impact on the environment and the communities we touch.

Ethics and Transparency:

We maintain high ethical standards in our relationships with partners, customers and communities.

Transformational Innovation

We embrace innovation as a driver of change. We seek creative and technological solutions that drive continuous improvement.

Entrepreneurship with Purpose

We look for opportunities that not only generate profits, but also have a positive impact on the world.


Revenues in 2022 (millions)


Colleages & growing


Successful projects


Average years of experience

The Team

Our Experts

Patricia Piqueras

Patricia Piqueras

CEO / Marketing

Juan Jair Lizarazo

Juan Jair Lizarazo

Development & Finance

Marino Salazar

Marino Salazar

Lawyer & Tax

Vivian Andrea Perez

Vivian Andrea Perez

Head Engineer (AU)


Our Mission

At OBC Partners SAS, our vision is clear: to create a world driven by sustainable energy solutions and projects that generate a positive impact on the environment and communities. Our mission is to be the bridge that connects innovation with sustainability, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

We Follow Best Practices

Project management is becoming more and more challenging. From the consolidation of an idea, to achieving the agreement of different actors (Stackholders) to achieve benefits for all.

Trust and Worth

Our Clients

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