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Reasons to investing in Colombia

Investing in Colombia: Growth Opportunities

Investing in Colombia is one of the best options. Why? This is one of the most beautiful countries in Latin America, being at the same time one of the countries with the greatest economic potential. With almost 50 million inhabitants, it offers all investorsexcellent opportunities. The most important ones are described below.

Reasons to Invest in Colombia

Colombia is a country in constant growth, with significant short- and long-term economic projections. Major businessmen, political leaders and foreign investors are looking to this region to take advantage of its riches. However, many may wonder why choose Colombia over other countries in the continent.

Firstly, it is estimated that over the next five years, investments inColombia will contribute significantly to boosting global economic growth. In fact, the country has a growth rate of more than 4% per year, and is one of the top productive countries.

Strengths of Colombia

One of the main reasons to think about investing in Colombia is its gross domestic product. The raw material in the country is abundant, giving the possibility to invest heavily in the infrastructure field. In fact, house and apartment rents account for a large part of the national income.

On the other hand, it is a country rich in natural resources, which makes it ideal for investing in renewable energy. Apart from its mineral deposits, it is also a perfect coastal area to take advantage of the large amounts of water.

Not to be forgotten is its progress in the peace process, national security and the reduction in the unemployment rate. It is also a country that notoriously respects intellectual and private property. Of course, foreign investment is increasingly important for the country’s rapid growth.

Investing with confidence

Colombia is one of the friendliest and most pleasant destinations in Latin America to do business. It has excelled in protecting its investors by utilizing sustainable economy and growth. As a result, foreigninvestorsare much more confident about forming companies in the region.

Privatization of companies and PPPs

Care is taken to ensure that investments in Colombia are privatized, with as little government influence as possible. Even so, it is also possible to make Public Private Alliances, creating an agreement between both branches of the industry. Investors even have the opportunity to buy already established and constituted companies, either public or private.

International integration

More than 181 countries around the world import products from Colombia, a country that has eight free trade agreements. These give it the freedom to reach millions of consumers in Latin America, the United States and the European Union. Its technological infrastructure, with nine submarine cables, gives it efficient access to all global markets.

In addition, Colombia has an excellent geographic location and a highly developed logistics infrastructure.

Investing in Colombia: Technological development

Worldwide, Latin America ranks third in the use of the great information network. Specifically, Colombia occupies a privileged place in the top of average hours of internet visitors each month. Colombian consumers of the virtual world meet the following statistics globally.

  • Portales, 1.5
  • Services, 2.8
  • Entertainment, 3.3 % a
  • Social networks, 5.7%.

Using the digital ecosystem, Colombia has made efforts to reduce unemployment and poverty rates in the country. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity for IT investors. Systems development is booming in the country, providing opportunities for all programmers.

Similarly, all industries today, especially in Colombia, require a web portal. They also need electronic applications to use from mobile devices. Undoubtedly, experts in Information and Communication Technologieswill be able to make the most of their investments.

Infrastructure investment in Colombia

Colombia is a privileged region in terms of its location. It has coasts on both oceans, being very close to the Panama Canal. It should be remembered that this is the main focus of world trade. Infrastructure projects in Colombia are focused on improving the connectivity of different areas of the country. As a consequence, there is much more competitiveness in the world market.

On the other hand, Colombia’s ports are connected to more than 4,000 maritime routes, being of use to 27 shipping companies. Year after year, hundreds of millionsof tonsof cargo are moved through the port areas.

5G Infrastructure

The 5G infrastructure projects require an investment of approximately $5.3 billion. Across the country, fourteen infrastructure initiatives are available, in addition to six highways, four airports and three river initiatives. This is an invaluable opportunity to leverage capital.

Renewable energy investment in Colombia

Colombia’s Caribbean coast has excellent potential for generating solarenergy. Temperatures are consistently in the high 30s, especially in Barranquilla and the Atlantic. Despite being a renowned tourist area, its vacationing visitors are not its only economic source.

The renewable energy investors see this energy sector as a territory with great opportunities for exploitation. Similarly, the country is rich in wind resources, mainly thanks to the trade winds. In fact, its wind power potential is around 20,000 MW of capacity.

Industry ecology

The Caribbean region of Colombia concentrates approximately 10% of the country’s total industries. Thus, there are companies dedicated to metallurgy, mining, petrochemicals, chemicals, food production, beverages and medicines.

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions is an indispensable criterion for these industries. This is where renewable energy comes into play, which can be fully exploited in this area. Apart from improving climatic conditions and caring for the environment, it will also become a better source of economic income.

Private Equity – Venture Capital: Investing in Colombia

In Obc Partners SAS asInvestment Manager we identify, value and manage investments of the Privete Equity type with photo in particular industrial sector or Venture Capital.

Private equity consists of investments made in established companies, even though they are not listed. Evidently, they need capital to carry out all kinds of operations, including buying other organizations.

On the other hand, venture capital invests in entrepreneurial and start-up businesses. Colombia is a country with excellent potential for SMEsand startups. Investors will be able to use their capital to grow small businesses into internationally renowned organizations.

The best alternative: investing in Colombia

Undoubtedly, talk about investing in Colombia is becoming more and more appealing. Large international investors have unparalleled opportunities to improve their income in this country. However, many have not yet decided to form their companies in Colombia.

Colombiais a rich country in every sense, ranging from renewableresourcesto the technological world. It also offers spectacular possibilities for those involved in infrastructure. Every corner and region of the country is suitable for investment.

It should be noted that Colombiais one of the largest exporters of products and services worldwide. Therefore, it is the right time to make Colombia the country of origin of the largest investments.

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