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Eolos wind power project in La Guajira gets license from Anla

Anla licenses wind power project

Anla announced that it has granted an environmental license to another wind power generation project. wind energy to be developed in La Guajira. In particular, the project belongs to the company Eolos Energía will produce 212 MW. Colombia is moving towards the generation of renewable wind energy, mainly wind, with high potential in the Guajira region. At OBC Partners we help you to identify the wind energy generation potential in your company. call us… #energiarenewable #windenergy #energetictransformation

The project that Anla will monitor is part of the non-conventional renewable energy generation proposed by the National Government. Despite this, the Anla has so far approved three non-conventional energy projects: two in La Guajira and one in Valledupar.

The Eolos Energia project is located 15 kilometers east of the municipal capital of Uribia. It is located 25 kilometers north of the municipal of Maicao.

The entity emphasized that its construction will bring great environmental benefits to the region. For example, it is clear that this type of generation is renewable energy. Therefore, it does not pollute, reduces the use of fossil fuels and generates employment alternatives in the area of its gnl influence.

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