Renewable Energy

Nature is so rich that it offers us various types of renewable energies. It is part of our responsibility to make use of these sources, rather than more polluting fossil energies.

Renewable Energy an opportunity for businesses and regions

We detect and develop energy-related opportunities

We are an investment manager focused in South America that specializes in renewable energy generation assets, energy efficiency and energy infrastructure. The Firm actively pursues risk-adjusted returns from operating and developing assets within Latin America's electricity sector.

Our finger is always on the pulse of the energy industry. As investors, developers and operators in the energy sector, OBC Partners has the capabilities and resources to pursue the diverse mix of generation assets needed to better meet the demands of an ongoing energy landscape Change.

We are aware of the region's high potential for electric generation with renewable energies.

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The best Power Generation is saving!

We materialize efficiencies in process improvements and equipment change generally using digital technology.

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Kinds of resources for renewable energy that we domain



Conventional, pump-by-go and step-by-step technologies


Thermic and Photovoltaic, scale DService and end-client installation.

Re-use Water

Water treatment

Electric vehicles

For internal and external transport

Combustion Facilities

Open or Combined Cycle


Mainly in batteries, but we value hydrogen and water storage at heights


Incineration, biogas production and gasification


on shore and off shore on all scales

Why select OBC Partners?

Natural partner


Payment period

All investments made have a set payment period


We leave the already established, we propose solutions outside the format.


Our greatest tool is technology


Our commitment is to develop our team

Applied Intelligence

Modern administration no longer has to be labor-intensive
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