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Bancoldex credit for energy efficiency

Bancoldex opens a new $100 billion credit quota to drive investment projects in sustainable development and energy efficiency.

Of the $100 billion available under this efficiency line of credit
and reduction of chemical CO2 emissions. Of this amount, $30 billion will be earmarked for long-term loans, i.e., between 5 and 7 years, with a grace period of up to one year . The remaining $70 billion is for medium-term credits, up to five years and a grace period of up to one year.
Credits can be used to achieve Efficiency energy efficiency in the consumption of electrical energy or thermal, the implementation of projects energy efficient technologies such as: LED lighting, high efficiency motors, high efficiency, refrigeration, air conditioning, steam generation, measurement and control systems, and quality control energy, optimization of combustion processes, waste heat recovery, cogeneration of energy and hybrid or electric vehicles.
Also eligible for financing are energy efficiency projects where the generation of electrical or thermal energy is from renewable energy sources such as biomass, solar energy, wind energy, among others.
>> Discover how technology is helping many companies become more efficient and sustainable.
These resources can be accessed by shareholders for capital payments , autonomous patrimonies and the beneficiary companies themselves.
At OBC Partners SAS we help you create and finance your energy efficiency, efficiency use , resource efficiency and effectiveness or utilization project.
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Want to know more? <a href=”https://www.bancoldex.com/sites/default/files/circular_externa_015_linea_desarrollo_sostenible_y_eficiencia_energetica_2019.pdf#” class=”alert-link”>see document ..</a>. contact us and we value your opportunities.
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