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Colcapital investment funds

ColCapital proposes to revive economy with support from Private Equity Funds

Colcapital proposes that investment funds be another instrument to reactivate the economy

The Colombian Association of Private Equity Funds (ColCapital) presented to the National Government a series of initiatives to reactivate the economy and to face the current economic situation caused by Covid-19.

“Investment Funds must become an important vehicle for the strategy determined by the Government,” ColCapital said.

Specifically, the actions that investment funds can take to reactivate the economy are as follows:

  1. Manage the resources of the Emergency Stabilization Fund (Fome), to provide financing to the non-public sector. This would optimize the impact of public resources aimed at strengthening Colombian companies in all economic sectors, offering capital and debt resources.


  1. Separation of private equity funds investing in Colombia from other funds in the institutional investor investment regime. This ensures that resources stay in Colombia.


  1. Creation of an independent limit for local private equity funds within the institutional investor investment regime. It generates competition for the placement of debt by banks, today over-protected.


  1. Include private equity funds investing in Colombia in the investment scheme of the National Pension Fund of Territorial Entities (Fonpet). To offer the possibility of having profitability to support the business sector to pensioners.

Paula Delgadillo, executive director of ColCapital, said: “We support the measures taken so far by the National Government in the management of Covid-19. However, it is important to add new resources to the country’s economic revival plan. Productive projects and the business sector have been greatly affected.”

“In this sense, it is essential that the Government consider private equity funds, whose objective is direct investment in Colombian companies and projects, as the ideal vehicle to mobilize resources to all sectors of the economy and achieve the strengthening of the country’s business fabric,” he concluded.

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