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gas tap

Colombia’s natural gas production grows 8.6% in 2019

Natural Gas Sector in Colombia

Between January and June 2019, the Colombian natural gas production process reached 1.04 billion average cubic feet per day (mpcd), 8.6% more than in the same period of 2018, when production of 957 mpcd was recorded. The greatest growth is thermal consumption, predictable in the face of the seasonality of the child’s phenomene.

Specifically, during the month of June, the production of natural gas average stood at 1,042 million cubic feet per day, up 0.6% compared to the same month in 2018 (1,036 mpcpd), and up 1.77% compared to May 2019 (1,024 mpcd) due to higher demand.

“The increase in natural gas production demonstrates the effectiveness of the industry’s reactivation plan to continue driving investment, employment generation and energy transformation with the use of cleaner fuels. Our commitment is to work to increase gas reserves, which today are 9.8 years, so that more Colombians can have access to this service”, said the Minister of Mines and Energy, María Fernanda Suárez.

Fields that increased their gas production

Among the fields that increased their natural gas production in the country in June, the following stand out: Chuchupa (Guajira), Kananaskis (Casanare), Cañahuate, Clarinete, Nelson and Palmer (Córdoba).

Meanwhile, crude oil production in the first half of the year was 892,338 barrels on average per day, a variation of 4.28% per day from the first six months of 2018, when production of 855,748 daily average barrels was recorded.

In particular, in the month of June, production reached natural gas average of 892,188 barrels per day, representing an increase of 3.3% compared to the same month of 2018 (863,538 barrels) and a variation of -0.26% compared to May 2019 (894,518 barrels).

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Fields in production decline

This decrease is due to lower natural gas production from the Tigana, Tua and Calona (Tauramena-Casanare), Pauto Sur Recetor (Yopal-Casanare), Acordionero (San Martín-Cesar), Cohembi (Puerto Asís-Putumayo), Castilla Norte (Castilla La Nueva-Meta) and Chichimene SW (Acacías-Meta) fields.

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[blockquote]Vanti is a natural gas distribution company present in 105 municipalities in Colombia, with more than 3 million customers, benefiting more than 12 million people in the country.
Vanti’s main activities are the supply, marketing and distribution of natural gas in Colombia.[/blockquote]

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