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The Adjusted General Methodology (AMM) is a methodological tool that helps in a schematic and modular way to the development of the processes of identification, preparation, evaluation and programming of Investment Projects and, in general, we can say that it helps in the formulation of all types of social impact or research projects.

The objective is to participate in the Project Bank, which is a tool of the public investment planning system that allows decision making in the pre-investment and investment stage, facilitating the preparation of investment plans, programs and projects, rationality and consistency in the allocation of the budget for each period and for different types of project formulation.

Formulation of Social Projects Under AMS

Proper formulation of social projects with the General Ajusada Methodology or MGA of the DNP facilitates the obtaining of resources from the General Budget or Regalias. At the time, it ensures the achievement of expected results.

Achieving real impacts on the beneficiary population of each project, as well as the quality and relevance of the actions and interventions that are carried out, are crucial to the implementation of government policies and objectives of NGOs.

We understand that money is not the only requirement to create successful social projects. We provide our customers with: unique knowledge and experiences for; Design, size and control projects of social or environmental impact.



We support NGOs and local and national government entities in the presentation and formulation of projects to obtain resources from:



National Budget

Organizations Intentions

Research projects

NGO social projects

Emission Reductions


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